Limited edition SCULPTURES & wall plaques by Bernard Claydon

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Winkng sun face 1

Winking Sun Face 1 (30cm) - 75

Winkng sun face 2

Winking Sun Face 2 (30cm) - 75

Winking Sun Face Wall Plaque

Sun Face in bronze (17cm) - 27

Bronze Resin Lion Head Sculpture

Lion head wall plaque - 30

Bronze lion fountainhead

Lion fountainhead (20cm) - 85

Bronze lion fountainhead

Lion fountainhead (45cm) - P.O.A.

Bronze Resin John Lennon Sculpture

John Lennon sculpture - 35

Alien Grey Wall Plaque

Alien grey wall plaque - 40

Amy Winehouse Wall Plaque

Amy Winehouse Grey

Winkng sun face 1

Lion Head Door Handles


Sculptures in cold cast bronze, brass and other finishes. These finely detailed, beautifully finished and affordable wall plaques are the first of a new series of works of art by Bernard Claydon who has many years of experience in making and reproducing his clay originals.

Star Cast previously traded from 1994 to 1998 in Brighton, UK and produced many hundreds of suns, moons, gargoyles, lions, dolphins, whales and more in numbered and signed editions. Poor copies of many of those can be found on the internet. The sculptures available to buy here are made and painstakingly finished by the artist himself and all are accompanied by signed certificates of authenticity.

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